Pepper Stark's seminar programme provides opportunities to discuss industry issues with peers and brainstorm with specialist consultants with wide industry experience. Below are details and dates for Pepper Stark's forthcoming seminar programme that takes place in London. We also arrange Webinars for participants worldwide.

Seminars are conducted by Pepper Stark's training specialists and industry consultants. For certain seminars, Pepper Stark will invite external speakers who are experts in the specific subject matter of the seminar.

Social Media for Business Development
Date TBA | Online Webinar
This is a two hour webinar aimed at stock agencies looking to build their knowledge of social media and how they can most cost and time effectively leverage their social media presence for business development.

We have incorporated the attendee feedback received from our introductory webinar on this subject and put together a content presentation that will be of specific relevance to small - medium sized stock photo agencies - both general stock photo suppliers as well as specialist picture agencies and archives.

This seminar is going to be structured around 3 case studies of stock photo agencies who are effectively utilising social media to increase their brand awareness and exposure in the market. We will show how they engage with their communities of content buyers, suppliers and peers to build relationships as well as finding new clients and generating direct revenue.

By focusing on these 3 case studies we will demonstrate what strategies work and how they can be adapted and implemented in other businesses. If you have limited time and resources available to invest in social media, we will give you some tips on some simple, effective techniques to employ as well as providing some ideas that you can take away and implement in your own businesses.

Specifically we will be looking at Blogging, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

We encourage attendees to submit specific questions in advance of the webinar and we will have a Q & A session with the presenter at the end of each case study. Please email all advance questions to