Case studies

We were approached by a US company who were looking to expand their direct sales operation into the UK. They needed an experienced industry salesperson with excellent contacts and the ability, desire and confidence to set up a sales office from scratch. Our challenge was to find a high-level candidate willing to work from home and take a chance on a start-up. One candidate from our database immediately established himself as front runner and we successfully negotiated the difficulties caused by draconian US employment contracts and a last-minute loss of nerve to secure the placement. Both business and candidate continue to thrive.

A traditional specialist library approached us to recruit a Sales & Marketing Manager. They were looking for a candidate who could bring a modern, dynamic approach to a slightly passive sales team while at the same time being sympathetic to the traditions and content of the collection. We were confident from day one that we had the right man. Our challenge was to mediate between a candidate who came from a corporate sales background and a client who wasn’t used to the aggressive negotiating tactics that came with that territory. Cultural differences were explained and smoothed over to secure the successful placement.

Having acquired several specialist libraries, a client approached us to recruit for a Photographer Liaison role working with their scientific collection. This was a demanding role requiring skills in picture editing, people management, negotiation and photography. Added to this, the specialist nature of the content required a candidate with a strong academic science background. Struggling to find that combination in any of our existing candidates, we explored every avenue through advertising, word of mouth, personal contacts and the calling in of a few favours before we finally landed on the right man for the job