CV writing service

Are you applying for lots of jobs and not getting called for interview?

Are you aware that recruitment databases and job boards use keywords to select CVs?

Are you concerned about how your skills, achievements and objectives should be written up on a CV?

Do you need advice on career planning, how to make that next step up or how to make that career transition?

Do you lack confidence in the face of massive competition for interviews and getting that new job?

New for 2011 we are offering a professional CV writing service to candidates with the objective of giving you a powerful CV that helps you get that interview you want.

We will offer this as a two hour consultation session either face to face or over the phone depending on the candidate's preference and or location from just 100 a session.

We have noticed recently how jobs are becoming more and more competitive. We have seen hundreds, sometimes thousands of CVs being submitted to employers for certain roles. 

We would like to help candidates produce a CV that gets them on the right career track and which dramatically increases their chances of being shortlisted for interview.

We would cover the following in a consultation session:

  • How to write your CV so that the right employers and recruitment agencies find you online. With so many employers and recruitment agencies using online job boards to find prospective candidates, CVs have to be written in a certain way to be found. Don't let your CV get lost in the masses. The right keywords and phrases applicable to a candidate's skills and experience need to in CVs in order for them to be found online. This equally applies to your CV being found within employer and recruitment consultancy databases
  • Career planning. If you are facing redundancy, looking to take the next step up in your career or even change direction and look for a new career path, you will need to ensure that you are clear about your skills, achievements and objectives. We can help you extrapolate these and clearly list them on a CV to catch an interviewer's eye 

We can offer this CV writing service and consultation session in both English and German. Please contact Claudia to express initial interest and to book a consultation: