The negative impact of advertising, or is it? [25.10.11]

This article was on the Guardian website entitled Advertising is a poison that demeans even love - and we're hooked on it. It's hardly a new argu...

New digital content supplier breaks into Europe [ 9.09.11]

Glowimages, US based producer and distributor of digital content continues its expansion within Europe.

How specialist stock photo agencies can do more with social media [15.08.11]

A review of our latest webinar on leveraging social media for business development.

How will a recruiter's strategy develop on Facebook? [10.08.11]

Corporate advertising on Facebook sells products and services to targeted demographics. What about job vacancies?

Majority World appoints new Business Development Director [29.06.11]

Pepper Stark is delighted to have been working with Majority World and we are pleased to have been able to help them set up their new sales and marketing team.

Free social media webinar - 30th June [23.06.11]

We are offering a free introductory webinar on social media for business development

A week in Dubai [ 9.06.11]

I've just returned from a business trip to Dubai, my first trip in 10 years. The place was unrecognisable. Where the road out from the old town stopped and the desert started 10 years ago, now it's just the start of hundreds of new business tower blocks, apartment buildings and expensive hotels.

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