Glow Images, a major independent image producer, was founded in 2006 by Gustavo Baez in Florida USA. Glow Images first developed a large and diverse Royalty Free collection with a strong focus on international lifestyle & business, travel, sports, interiors and conceptual imagery. The collection now totals over 60,000 images. This is the first in what is now a large number of different Glow collections: both Rights Managed and Royalty Free.

The other Glow Royalty Free collections are Glow Asia, 40260.com and ArtBox. Together these RF collections total close to 100,000 images.

In October 08 Glow launched its new high-end creative Rights Managed collection, in December 08 its specialist Rights Managed interiors collection Glow Decor was launched and in June 09 its third Rights Managed collection focusing on food and drink: Glow Cuisine. New content has been added regularly to grow these collections and the total image count is over 25,000 images.

Glow Images has also produced a high quality subscription product. This contains internationally relevant content, and currently stands at 1.6 million images available for sale on monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly and annual plans.

In May 2010, Glow Images lauched its 4th Rights Managed collection with 5000 images: Glow Wellness

Glow is also not stopping here...