Sales Outsourcing Services

At Pepper Stark we have a large database of candidates from junior level through to the most highly experienced stock industry sales professionals who are looking for temporary positions and project work.

We are therefore able to offer the following outsourced services:

1) Database cleansing
- for companies concerned that some of their client or prospect data is incomplete or out of date

2) Debtor chasing
- for companies who find their debtor days increasing and don't have the in-house resource to regularly follow up these clients to ensure prompt settlement of outstanding payments

3) Market research projects
- for companies wishing to get specific feedback on their product, service and brand value amongst an existing client sector or within a potential new target sector in order to find out how their product, marketing, sales and service can be improved and / or the potential they have to expand into a new market

4) New lead generation
- for companies looking to develop their offering and client base in a new client sector within the UK or overseas and rapidly build new contacts and sales leads for an in-house sales and customer service team to follow up.

If you donít have the sales resource to make new business calls on a daily basis, we can do this for you with access to sales people who are able and willing to make 30+ effective calls a day

For this service we use highly experienced industry sales professionals based in the UK. These include native speakers of all major European languages for clients who are looking to target clients in these territories.

Pepper Stark supervises all projects on an ongoing basis and trains the outsourcers on the specifics of every project, the agency and its products.

 Benefits of using our outsourced service:

  • You will have access to some of the industryís best sales people on a temporary basis
  • You can commission Pepper Starkís outsourced sales service for specific projects for the duration of your choice as and when required
  • You will incur no payroll costs
  • We will tailor our project to fit with your budget requirements
  • All projects are results driven
  • You will have a dedicated person or persons to work solely on your project
  • We will select the outsourcers for your project with the most relevant background and experience that fit your requirements and budget
  • We only work with personable, professional, persistent outsourcers


Pepper Stark charges an hourly or daily rate per outsourcer working on the project and the fee will depend on their level of experience and expertise