Expand overseas

If you are looking to set up offices overseas we can help with the physical realities of finding office space, setting up direct operations and recruiting the right team.

Alternatively if you arenít looking to make this level of investment and your strategy for international expansion isnít via a wholly owned office network, we can help you market and sell directly overseas from your existing location. We can conduct market research into the new markets to ascertain whether there is a need for your product, ascertain what the sales potential for it is and recommend how to go about developing this business: providing sales and marketing strategy options including sales approaches, effective on- and offline marketing and PR activities, advertising opportunities and trade shows. All strategy recommendations will be tailored to your specific business objectives, product and budgets.

For companies looking for franchise partners in overseas territories, we can research the right individuals or companies that have the relevant experience, business objectives and personalities to fit, put you in touch and when required, negotiate the business deal between you.